Gran Caffe De Martini (Prospect Heights)

Photo Collage - Gran Caffe De Martini - Prospect Heights

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Prospect Heights at 609 Vanderbilt Ave with 359 Google Reviews (4.8) on 1/11/24. A little piece of Italy may be found tucked away in the most verdant of Brooklyn’s suburbs in the form of Gran Caffè De Martini. They provide authentic coffee imports from other countries, in addition to a delicious … Read more

AvaBrew by Orens (Downtown Brooklyn)

Photo Collage - AvaBrew by Orens - Downtown Brooklyn

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Downtown Brooklyn at 100 Willoughby with 159 Google Reviews (4.2) on 1/11/24. AVA Brew by Owens is a contemporary location with a tidy and laid-back ambiance. You can typically find adequate space to work here, and the noise level is not too loud. They serve high-quality fresh and local coffee, tea, and baked goods for DoBro. … Read more

Absolute Coffee (Boerum Hill)

Photo Collage - Absolute Coffee - Boerum Hill

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Boerum Hill at 327 Atlantic Ave with 413 Google Reviews (4.5) on 1/11/24. Absolute Coffee makes an effort to consistently make and serve the top-notch cup you expect at every stop. You can be assured that they won’t compromise on quality. Hence, they only purchase the finest ingredients from regional and … Read more

Little Skips East (Bushwick)

Photo Collage - Little Skips East - Bushwick

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Bushwick at 1643 Broadway with 297 Google Reviews (4.4) on 1/11/24. Little Skips was established in 2009 to foster a network of local creatives, musicians, and nomads. They offer a setting for individuality and self-expression centered on fun food and ethically sourced coffee. Little Skips has been a member of the … Read more

Lincoln Station (Prospect Heights)

Photo Collage - Lincoln Station - Prospect Heights

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Prospect Heights at 409 Lincoln Pl with 815 Google Reviews (4.5) on 1/11/24. Lincoln Station offers dine-in and take-out options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The ingredients are sourced ethically and thoughtfully prepared. They also provide La Colombe coffee, beer, wine, and homemade pastries. Sandwiches, soups, and salads are prepared to … Read more

Freehold (Williamsburg)

Photo Collage - Freehold - Williamsburg

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Williamsburg at 45 S 3rd St with 1,772 Google Reviews (4.3) on 1/11/24. In 2015, the south side of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, became the official public opening of FREEHOLD‘s flagship location. With its award-winning coffee shop, lobby bar, and huge outdoor courtyard, the 8,600SF space quickly gained notoriety among Brooklynites and the … Read more

Blend: Coffee + CoWork (Bay Ridge)

Photo Collage - Blend: Coffee + CoWork - Bay Ridge

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Bay Ridge at 6808 4th Ave with 198 Google Reviews (4.7) on 1/11/24. [ CLOSED PERMANENTLY ] Blend: Coffee + CoWork is a new coffee shop in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The owners are native to Brooklyn and excited to elevate our neighborhood with great coffee and coworking options for their neighbors. … Read more

White Noise Coffee Co. (Boerum Hill)

Photo Collage - White Noise Coffee Co - Boerum Hill

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Boerum Hill at 57 Smith St with 225 Google Reviews (4.3) on 1/11/24. White Noise Coffee Co.‘s distinctive blend of premium beverages and artistically curated entertainment can now be enjoyed at home with their handcrafted small-batch roasted beans. They are honored to collaborate with outstanding farmers and producers worldwide. They chose … Read more

Blank Street (Williamsburg)

Photo Collage - Blank Street - Williamsburg

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Williamsburg at 277 Bedford Ave with 58 Google Reviews (4.3) on 1/11/24. Blank Street is a tech-savvy coffee shop chain for a new generation of coffee enthusiasts. This new coffee shop chain is incorporating technology into its service by providing an app that can assist you at any of its locations … Read more

Devoción (Downtown Brooklyn)

Photo Collage - Devocion - Downtown Brooklyn

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Downtown Brooklyn at 276 Livingston St with 668 Google Reviews (4.4) on 1/11/24. Devoción was launched in 2006 by Colombian-born Steven Sutton. Its goal is to produce the freshest coffee imaginable. Roasting coffee contributes to half its flavor; the remaining portion comes from the beans’ freshness. However, the majority of coffee beans … Read more