Devoción (Williamsburg)

Photo Collage - Devocion - Williamsburg

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Williamsburg at 69 Grand St with 2,179 Google Reviews (4.6) on 1/11/24. Steven Sutton, who was born in Colombia, started Devoción in 2006. Its objective is to make the freshest coffee conceivable. Half of the coffee’s flavor comes from roasting; the remaining half comes from fresh beans. The Devoción team does … Read more

Blank Street (Boerum Hill)

Photo Collage - Blank Street - Boerum Hill

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Boerum Hill at 253 Bergen St with 81 Google Reviews (4.4) on 1/11/24. For a new generation of coffee enthusiasts, Blank Street is a tech-savvy chain of coffee shops. With an app that can assist you at any of their locations in New York City, this new chain of coffee shops … Read more

Bond St Coffee and Goods (Gowanus)

Photo Collage - Bond St Coffee and Goods - Gowanus

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Gowanus at 365 Bond St with 138 Google Reviews (4.6) on 1/11/24. Bond St. Coffee and Goods arise in the heart of the Gowanus canal to serve local people their daily drip with love and passion. They take pride in serving high-quality food and coffee powered by coffee locally roasted in … Read more

Brooklyn Perk (Prospect Lefferts Gardens)

Photo Collage - Brooklyn Perk - Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Prospect Lefferts Gardens at 605 Flatbush Ave with 295 Google Reviews (4.7) on 1/11/24. Have you ever walked into a place and immediately felt right at home? Brooklyn Perk is an excellent neighborhood coffee shop where you can place a pickup order for your morning coffee, latte, frappe, tea, and cookies … Read more

Brooklyn Roasting Company (Brooklyn Navy Yard)

Photo Collage - Brooklyn Roasting Company - Brooklyn Navy Yard

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Brooklyn Navy Yard at 200 Flushing Ave with 541 Google Reviews (4.4) on 1/11/24. The Navy Yard location of Brooklyn Roasting Company is prominent. It resembles a small coworking space even though it has many locations and is practically a household name in New York City. There are a few laptops … Read more

Duo+ (Cobble Hill)

Photo Collage - Duo+ - Cobble Hill

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Cobble Hill at 272 Court St with 91 Google Reviews (5) on 1/11/24. Cobble Hill’s Duo+ is a fantastic coffee shop with one of the best cafe vibes for working. This neighborhood cafe is a hit thanks to its stellar Google Maps reviews (5.0 as of the time of writing) and … Read more

IXV Coffee (Boerum Hill)

Photo Collage - IXV Coffee - Boerum Hill

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Boerum Hill at 497c Pacific St with 142 Google Reviews (4.7) on 1/11/24. IXV Coffee is a modest location on a peaceful street on an unassuming residential block in Boerum Hill. Its goal is to be less trashy with coffee and clothing. With its low-frills deco, retro collection of outdoor seating, … Read more

Sit & Wonder (Prospect Heights)

Photo Collage - Sit & Wonder - Prospect Heights

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Prospect Heights at 688 Washington Ave with 252 Google Reviews (4.4) on 1/11/24. Sit and Wonder is a neighborhood cafe that offers Stumptown Coffee, home-baked pastries, and fresh sandwiches. Everyone can come and unwind in our tranquil setting and lovely garden. According to, they are among the top places to … Read more

Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen (Bedford-Stuyvesant)

Photo Collage - Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen - Bedford-Stuyvesant

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Bedford-Stuyvesant at 1058 Bedford Ave with 434 Google Reviews (4.3) on 1/11/24. Brooklyn, New York’s Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen is a cafe that emphasizes farm-to-table dining. They celebrate a delicious and healthy way of life as well as seasonal produce. They also hope to engage the entire community by offering whole … Read more

Barista & The Baker (Crown Heights)

Photo Collage - Barista & The Baker - Crown Heights

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Crown Heights at 167 Rogers Ave with 405 Google Reviews (4.3) on 1/11/24. [ CLOSED PERMANENTLY ] Barista & The Baker aspires to be the neighborhood’s social center. To keep you energized, they serve Parlor Coffee beans and Kilogram Tea. And for a tasty afternoon snack, don’t forget the cheddar chive … Read more