AvaBrew by Orens (Downtown Brooklyn)

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Downtown Brooklyn at 100 Willoughby with 159 Google Reviews (4.2) on 1/11/24.

AVA Brew by Owens is a contemporary location with a tidy and laid-back ambiance. You can typically find adequate space to work here, and the noise level is not too loud. They serve high-quality fresh and local coffee, tea, and baked goods for DoBro. Orens Coffee also powers them.

Orens is renowned for obtaining the best beans directly from the farmers, roasting them in-store, and brewing each cup to order. Additionally, it is among the top authorities on coffee in the world.

According to its Yelp reviews, the staffs are super friendly, and their drinks are delicious. It could also get a bit pricey, but it can be expected at shops like Ava Brew. However, you can use their point system to help with dollar-off coupons, making their drinks more reasonable. It is also definitely worth noting that they prefer cashless transactions during the pandemic but are working on solutions regarding cash transactions.

What’s great is that they carry alternative kinds of milk for all diets. The coffee shop also has seasonal menus and a variety of delectable pastries, especially croissants, donuts, snacks, and fresh juices, at great prices.

AvaBrew is a great little gem. It is quiet and has adequate and comfortable seating with lots of elbow room. Its big windows in the front let in a great deal of natural light. It has this warm and cozy decor where wood lines the shop, and they have lovely artwork that hangs on the walls, which gives this coffee shop a great vibe. The shop also has WiFi which is great if you want to do some work or surf the web.

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