Barista & The Baker (Crown Heights)

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Crown Heights at 167 Rogers Ave with 405 Google Reviews (4.3) on 1/11/24.


Barista & The Baker aspires to be the neighborhood’s social center. To keep you energized, they serve Parlor Coffee beans and Kilogram Tea. And for a tasty afternoon snack, don’t forget the cheddar chive biscuit or the berry scones.

It has lots of natural light with its large picture windows, so you can sit down and watch the world go by while you knock out a few hours of work with a cup of fantastic coffee; the shop is ideal for remote workers. It is close to Crown Heights and is located at 167 Rogers Ave in Brooklyn, NY,

The Bed-Stuy location is a hotspot for nomads, remote workers, and individuals simply waiting to sit in an area with abundant WiFi and outlets. It’s an excellent place for business meetings in the area because of the gorgeous decor.

The food is just what you need after a long day at work, and the baristas are always friendly. The coffee is also excellent. It’s also important to note that everything is kosher here.

The natural light that comes in through the large windows is always appreciated by fans of Manhattanville. It prevents you from getting the cramped feeling of being squeezed between walls in a city coffee shop. The location feels like a neighborhood coffee shop without feeling like a Starbucks (for sure).

The owners are passionate about running cozy cafes with welcoming staff. If you have any dietary restrictions, their food can accommodate various allergies. The staff will not hesitate to pull out a binder that lists the allergens and ingredients in most of their menu items. Oh, and there is plenty of natural light, fast WiFi, and good coffee (they brew Intelligentsia Coffee).

The chocolate croissant, chai latte, jalapeno, cheddar scone, and nitro cold brew are suggested foods to eat. You should feel comfortable working or studying here thanks to the friendly staff.

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