Blend: Coffee + CoWork (Bay Ridge)

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Bay Ridge at 6808 4th Ave with 198 Google Reviews (4.7) on 1/11/24.


Blend: Coffee + CoWork is a new coffee shop in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The owners are native to Brooklyn and excited to elevate our neighborhood with great coffee and coworking options for their neighbors.

On tap, cold brew, draft latte, matcha, and espresso are available in all their varieties. Blend: Coffee + CoWork is eager to improve Bay Ridge’s coffee scene through product quality, diligent effort, and attentive customer service. If you’ve never heard of the draft, you should visit them because they serve La Colombe roasted beans.

Brooklyn natives were involved in creating, designing, and funding Blend: Coffee + CoWork. They adore the area and wanted to develop a gathering place to enhance the local area and be financially sustainable once it opened.

They proudly serve coffee from renowned French-American roaster La Colombe.

Their professionally trained baristas will serve you blends you didn’t know were meant to be together, whether you prefer your coffee black or mixed with cream and sugar. Their baristas are trained in the art of making coffee. They are knowledgeable about the production of the coffee or espresso you are drinking, including its production, sourcing, seasonality, processing, roasting, and origin.

They operate a local Bay Ridge coworking space as well. The R-line train station and the B9, B63, and B64 bus lines are close, making it easy to get to and from Blend. The storefront is just a short walk from Bay Ridge Ave. R line train station. Going around the block, you can find dining establishments, shops to browse, and mailing services.

They are suitable for an individual or a group to work on a project together. Their open design encourages innovation and collaboration. From our workspace seating, where there is space for your laptop, notebook, sketchbook, and a side of coffee, you can finish a project without interruptions.

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