Bond St Coffee and Goods (Gowanus)

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Gowanus at 365 Bond St with 138 Google Reviews (4.6) on 1/11/24.

Bond St. Coffee and Goods arise in the heart of the Gowanus canal to serve local people their daily drip with love and passion. They take pride in serving high-quality food and coffee powered by coffee locally roasted in Red Hook.

The cafe is popular near several brand-new, luxurious high rises in the neighborhood between Bond Street and the Gowanus Canal.

Bond St Coffee is well-known among the locals, but people from farther-flung neighborhoods might not be making it there. Overall, the location is not too shabby, considering it is only 2.5 blocks from the Carroll St. F/G train.

Bond St Coffee and Goods is a bit more like a proper cafe, with meals, coffees, a fridge of sodas/beverages, and bags of chips to grab for snacks, as opposed to a homegrown cozy warm coffee shop vibe.

This restaurant offers both order-and-go and enjoy-and-stay options thanks to its menu of hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, salads, and hot beverages. They offer mouthwatering pastries as well as special breakfast and lunch menu items.

The signature drinks, which include a turmeric latte, lavender latte, matcha lemonade, and ginger + turmeric lemonade, are some items on the menu worth mentioning. These are going to be fantastic for keeping cool during summer.

They also have a large, prominent “A” on the front, right next to the entrance, if you’re interested in ratings.

You can see why this is a local hangout for taking a break and bringing a laptop along since there is plenty of seating and a WiFi network. It is also worth noting how the music was played at a low volume, allowing guests to work and read.

According to its Yelp reviews, it is a perfect cafe to work or meet a friend for coffee. The staffs are friendly, the coffee is great, and the food is amazing. It’s the kind of “no frills” place you’ll be comfortable and want to return to.

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