Brooklyn Roasting Company (Brooklyn Navy Yard)

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Brooklyn Navy Yard at 200 Flushing Ave with 541 Google Reviews (4.4) on 1/11/24.

The Navy Yard location of Brooklyn Roasting Company is prominent. It resembles a small coworking space even though it has many locations and is practically a household name in New York City. There are a few laptops here, and WiFi is available.

At BRC, you can depend on a wide selection of coffees from around the globe, a wide range of non-coffee drinks, and the internet.

Given its size for a coffee shop and the addition of reclaimed furniture and industrial accents, it feels surprisingly cozy. While working on any work or school project, you can experiment with various coffee flavor profiles.

Jim Munson established Brooklyn Roasting Company in 2009 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Jim had previously worked for The Brooklyn Brewery and Dallis Bros Coffee in executive-level management roles. The Company’s initial objectives were straightforward: To offer consumers in NYC the highest caliber. These sustainably sourced coffees were presented in an approachable manner.

Brooklyn Roasting Company believes that making delicious coffee is fundamentally straightforward: Grind recently roasted premium beans into clean brewing equipment, then add filtered water just before it begins to boil. Several minutes later, presto! An excellent hot cup of coffee. Their coffees are made with great care and attention to detail, resulting in delicious, high-quality coffee.

So you should check out this place if you’re looking for artisanal coffee.

Oat milk is also available. If you want to choose an environmentally friendly method of consumption, ask for a “to-stay cup.” Suppose you’re careful with your laptop and another tech. In that case, you shouldn’t worry about spills or crumbs because of the ample space and frequent customer turnover.

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