Devoción (Williamsburg)

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Williamsburg at 69 Grand St with 2,179 Google Reviews (4.6) on 1/11/24.

Steven Sutton, who was born in Colombia, started Devoción in 2006. Its objective is to make the freshest coffee conceivable. Half of the coffee’s flavor comes from roasting; the remaining half comes from fresh beans. The Devoción team does everything other than cherry-picking and does it more quickly than anyone else. They hand-pick their coffee bean at their 1,000+ farm partners, dry mill at their facility in Bogota, manage the export process, and roast in Brooklyn.

The Williamsburg Devoción location has all the same benefits as the Downtown Brooklyn location. Still, it has a natural-lit area with a large skylight for a beautiful effect while you use your laptop.

According to its Google reviews, the place is just beautiful and inviting; it has fast and friendly service, Wi-Fi is also fast, and the space has lots of spaces to sit. There’s no rush to leave; only enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and beautiful sunlight.

Aside from their coffee roasted fresh daily, they also have a nice spread of pastries and caffeine options that you can enjoy.

The couches are in the middle of the cafe, and there are some tables with umbrellas nearby where you can enjoy a delicious Colombian coffee.

From 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Sunday, this café is open. There is no doubt that you can complete some work or study here.

Williamsburg’s Devoción is distinctive because it has a wall of plants. Some Colombian-only coffee plants were included in the selection of plants for this wall. Devoción wants you to picture yourself as a visitor to an estancia, a sizable farming area in the coffee-growing region of Colombia.

The Williamsburg location is generally such a great place to get delicious coffee and pastries. To learn more about their story, go to their website at you can see below. You should also visit their website if you’d like to purchase their house blends and other limited edition blends online.

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