Duo+ (Cobble Hill)

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Cobble Hill at 272 Court St with 91 Google Reviews (5) on 1/11/24.

Cobble Hill’s Duo+ is a fantastic coffee shop with one of the best cafe vibes for working. This neighborhood cafe is a hit thanks to its stellar Google Maps reviews (5.0 as of the time of writing) and cozy atmosphere. Its cute two-seater table and sea-foam green exterior are a cute introduction to what is inside.

Duo+’s interior is cozy, with exposed brick colors and subdued lighting. Jazz instrumentals are playing in the background, which is excellent for concentration and studying. Instead of being dead silent like a library, it has a level of background noise and sound that can help keep you occupied.

It is a quiet, clean, gorgeous cafe that is perfect for chatting with friends and getting work done. The cafe is adorable and cozy, with free WiFi. Perfect to work remotely with your laptop.

There is a surprising amount of indoor and outdoor seating on the back patio and the street in front (much more than any other local cafe).

The barista was very welcoming, and the pastry shelves looked delicious. Books and caffeine are also available for purchase. In closing, take note of the sandwich menu, which offers items like tomato mozzarella, roast beef, and BLT (among others!) on wheat bread, brioche buns, or croissants.

They have various delectable pastries, remember customers’ orders, and expertly craft their espresso drinks. Additionally, they prepare real food to order in a real kitchen, including some vegetarian options.

The owners are amiable, and the service is excellent. They deliver the food to you and pick up the dishes after you finish.

Overall, it’s undoubtedly an excellent location for work and socializing with friends. It’s great that there isn’t any music playing so you can hear your own thoughts.

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