IXV Coffee (Boerum Hill)

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Boerum Hill at 497c Pacific St with 142 Google Reviews (4.7) on 1/11/24.

IXV Coffee is a modest location on a peaceful street on an unassuming residential block in Boerum Hill. Its goal is to be less trashy with coffee and clothing.

With its low-frills deco, retro collection of outdoor seating, chalkboard welcome, compost bins, and handmade up-cycled goods for sale, the brand IXV aims to aim at “the newest Zero-Waste coffee shop in Brooklyn.”

When you enter this ethical coffee shop, you will be given a business card from a piece of a cardboard box with the cafe’s logo hand-stamped. They enjoy it that way and encourage customers to bring their mugs or tumblers (they also sell tumblers).

Despite the city’s preference, IXV insists on composting and strives for a zero-waste environment where everything is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

They also offer a 7-day coffee subscription for their espresso with milk.

On the corner of Pacific St. and Third Ave., IXV has a small outdoor dining area with a few chairs for those who wish to work remotely.

They have WiFi, but you may be exposed to the weather if it’s storming or extremely hot or cold due to the outdoor setting. If you’re in the area and need to finish up a little work on a laptop while sitting in a chair, this place is ideal for a quick stop.

Spending more than an hour at IXV holed up, working on a paper, or attending a meeting might not be entirely advisable. But taking into account what this local coffee shop is, it is a cafe with WiFi, they do not turn away laptops as some places do, and their “no waste” mantra is energizing.

You can visit their website to learn more about their goals, visions, menu, and other subscriptions. Reusable cups, tumblers, straws, and other merchandise are available online!

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