Little Skips East (Bushwick)

Photo Collage - Little Skips East - Bushwick

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Bushwick at 1643 Broadway with 297 Google Reviews (4.4) on 1/11/24. Little Skips was established in 2009 to foster a network of local creatives, musicians, and nomads. They offer a setting for individuality and self-expression centered on fun food and ethically sourced coffee. Little Skips has been a member of the … Read more

Dweebs (Bushwick)

Photo Collage - Dweebs - Bushwick

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Bushwick at 1434 DeKalb Ave with 219 Google Reviews (4.6) on 1/11/24.  Dweebs is a minimalist and unpretentious cafe with a dreamy menu and is a favorite neighborhood spot for remote working with a laptop. This coffee shop is situated between Wilson Avenue and Knickerbocker Avenue. What people continually praise Dweebs … Read more