AvaBrew by Orens (Downtown Brooklyn)

Photo Collage - AvaBrew by Orens - Downtown Brooklyn

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Downtown Brooklyn at 100 Willoughby with 159 Google Reviews (4.2) on 1/11/24. AVA Brew by Owens is a contemporary location with a tidy and laid-back ambiance. You can typically find adequate space to work here, and the noise level is not too loud. They serve high-quality fresh and local coffee, tea, and baked goods for DoBro. … Read more

Devoción (Downtown Brooklyn)

Photo Collage - Devocion - Downtown Brooklyn

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Downtown Brooklyn at 276 Livingston St with 668 Google Reviews (4.4) on 1/11/24. Devoción was launched in 2006 by Colombian-born Steven Sutton. Its goal is to produce the freshest coffee imaginable. Roasting coffee contributes to half its flavor; the remaining portion comes from the beans’ freshness. However, the majority of coffee beans … Read more