Sit & Wonder (Prospect Heights)

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Prospect Heights at 688 Washington Ave with 252 Google Reviews (4.4) on 1/11/24.

Sit and Wonder is a neighborhood cafe that offers Stumptown Coffee, home-baked pastries, and fresh sandwiches. Everyone can come and unwind in our tranquil setting and lovely garden. According to, they are among the top places to work outside.

They offer Stumptown coffee roasts, sandwiches, baked goods made in-house with premium ingredients, pastries from Choice, doughnuts from Dough, and bread from Balthazar.

They have a garden which is a tranquil spot to breathe in the fresh air, sip coffee, and graze on delectable pastries or sandwiches! The place has a great vibe. The garden area is roomy and stocked with plants, making it a charming spot to relax and complete work.

On the menu, they also offer a few breakfast sandwiches and freshly baked pastries (muffins, croissants, pain au chocolate, etc.). Specialty beverages like matcha, kombucha, cold brew, and maple lattes are also available. And what’s great is that they make their almond milk!

According to its Yelp reviews, Sit & Wonder is the perfect place to sit and wonder. It’s a great place to catch up with a friend, alone with a book, just your thoughts, or work with your laptop with the cafe’s WiFi.

The experience was pretty laid back because of the friendly and chill staff working behind the counter (as coffee shop lounging should be). It is also very child friendly. Perfect for parents with small children and people just looking for a nice cup of coffee and snack or meal.

Perhaps the only reservation one can have with Sit & Wonder is that during weekends there is rarely space to sit if you arrive too late, and yes, 10 in the morning is too late. That’s how much people love this cafe!

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