Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen (Bedford-Stuyvesant)

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Bedford-Stuyvesant at 1058 Bedford Ave with 434 Google Reviews (4.3) on 1/11/24.

Brooklyn, New York’s Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen is a cafe that emphasizes farm-to-table dining. They celebrate a delicious and healthy way of life as well as seasonal produce. They also hope to engage the entire community by offering whole food alternatives in a contemporary, fresh setting.

To highlight the best seasonal produce, they strive for a carefully curated seasonal menu and house-baked pastries. They take great pride in providing Counter Culture coffee and Bellocq tea. They believe that all of their beverage selections are top-notch and environmentally friendly.

Everyone wishes they had discovered this large cafe much sooner. It is close to the Bedford-Nostrand G train (actually one block away), and it doubles as both a coffee shop and a plant store.

Local coffee shop patrons, a sizable number of solitary laptop users, and brunch-goers make up the crowd. The entire back room has a long family/coworking table with 14 chairs and a side table with stylish retro chairs and pillows. Plants are lining the walls, soil and potting mix are on the floor (in bags), Instagram-friendly pots in various pastel colors and dried flowers for your home are available for sale.

Wreaths, baskets, and macrame wall hangings are also available. If you want to imagine working all day in a greenhouse, this is the location.

Their WiFi is fast, which is excellent for those who want to get some work done with their laptop. The upload speed is 60 Mbps, with a download speed of 170 Mbps (per

The coffee is fantastic, and the first refill is always free with the tiny house drip! You can also get a loyalty card and have your 11th drink for free!

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