The Center for Fiction Cafe (Fort Greene)

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Fort Greene at 15 Lafayette Ave with 122 Google Reviews (4.3) on 1/11/24.

Do you imagine yourself working in a quiet bookstore with library-like shelves that reach the ceiling?

As soon as you step inside The Center for Fiction, located on the incredibly bright corner of Lafayette Avenue and Ashland Pl, your dreams of being surrounded by literature can come true.

It’s wonderful that you can bring your laptop here and use their unlimited WiFi while seated at their cafe while working.

The ‘auditorium’ space next to the cafe and bookstore has all the laptop seating. Because of the atmosphere, you wouldn’t come here and casually hold a boisterous meet-up with friends or a loud stand-up meeting.

It’s where, for the most part, everyone is preoccupied with their affairs and heads down. As a result, it’s an excellent place to go and work quietly without interruptions or loud noises like you might get at more lively coffee shops in the area.

The cafe’s hours are daily from 11 am to 8 pm; if there are any in-person author events, people should be aware that the indoor seating closes a little early (typically five or 5:30 pm) if they plan to use their laptops to complete work. It is advised to look at their events calendar in advance.

According to its Yelp reviews, the Center for Fiction Cafe manages to do a lot with minimal space. Books are stacked to the ceiling, and yet they’re all well-organized. Their cafe is a great space to work and write, which has this light-filled vibe and is quiet and atmospheric.

Check out the Center for Fiction’s writers’ studio if you’re a writer looking for a dedicated space; it works a lot like a regular coworking membership tailored just for writers.

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