Velvette Brew (Park Slope)

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Park Slope at 279 5th Ave with 245 Google Reviews (4.7) on 1/11/24.

Velvette Brew is adored by locals. It is a venerable Park Slope institution serving tasty iced coffee, sweet treats, and a little workspace.

If you are really into coffees, their house blend of Black Moons is Direct Trade Certified which is small-batch roasted in Brooklyn. They also have decaf White Mood beans that are available. What’s great is that you can order these through their website

Also on their menu are piercing green match lemonade, delightful matcha latte, and iced chai that is great for cooling down. You may also want to try an Instagram-worthy perfect hot latte finished with a hand-done latte art when dining in.

Velvette Brew has one of the more extensive drink menus compared to other coffee shops in the area. It is the place for those who are looking for variety as well as quality. Don’t be shy to tell the baristas how you like your coffee, as some may be a little heavy-handed on simple syrup.

According to its Yelp reviews, Velvette Brew is the real deal for good coffee. Their signature Velvette drink of espresso, vanilla, milk, foam, and a kiss of brown sugar is sheer perfection. It was smooth and not too sweet.

Additionally, they offer a variety of freshly baked pastries. Their prices aren’t too bad.

The Velvette Brew branch in Park Slope is a cute corner coffee shop. It has a few outdoor tables. Inside were two tables in the windows and additional tables along the left wall. It also has a simple brick and molding as classic decor.

They also have plenty of outlets, making it a go-to for people who want to work and have a good cup of coffee. There isn’t much room, so be prepared that there isn’t much seating. Pick up a muffin or a specialty sweet crepe anyway if you can’t find a seat, and come back another time.

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