Vineapple (Brooklyn Heights)

Laptop Friendly Cafe in Brooklyn Heights at 71 Pineapple St with 658 Google Reviews (4.5) on 1/11/24.

Vineapple Cafe is the result from combining the vines of Brooklyn Heights with Pineapple St..

Vineapple’s primary purpose has always been to serve as a fantastic local coffee shop where people can gather with friends and neighbors to work, concentrate, or unwind. In keeping with this tradition, we provide pastries from Brooklyn’s Colson Patisserie and freshly roasted coffee from farm-to-cup roster Devoción.

It is laid back and tucked behind a tiny door and a tiny sign on Pineapple Street, almost invisible from the street. It’s somewhat of a hidden gem because of its location. You can use the lovely backyard garden in the back to work on your laptop or to grab a bite to eat.

The neighbors didn’t want to see the establishment go out of business after it closed in 2019; a couple from the neighborhood bought the space and reopened the cafe.

It now has new ownership as of 2020, which has revived its best qualities. The revamped Vineapple coffee shop manages to capture the cozy daytime charm of its predecessor with an added focus on dinner and cocktails in the evening.

There is now a lovely backyard garden where anyone can work with their laptop and some Devoción coffee. For remote workers who prefer to finish their work later in the day and enjoy drinks after a workday is over, this is the ideal working cafe.

Additionally, Vineapple has a sidewalk café where you can get together with a friend for some drinks following a work session. The cafe’s beverage menu offers a selection of craft cocktails and a carefully chosen wine list that features mostly female-owned wineries.

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